“The universe wants to create, change and evolve together with humans who are genes of the universe in order to go up to the next dimension.”

I design symbol, the work began with whether I can draw human essence, I did not know at all how and what, the intuitional work with participants continued with trial and error, it started to understand when I made around 100 what I was doing, some sort of system began around 200, later I realized that I have been making symbols and the new understanding has begun by designing a symbol of the universe.

Initially, I wanted to design a symbol that expresses a pattern that is there, as the season’s repeat and human being also repeats, I did not know how to visualized there for I kept dreaming about the idea, a symbol that represents a whole phenomenon, the human being born in the planet, live, died, born in another world, live and comes back to the planet again.

Meanwhile, I have a chance to meet Mr. Daisuke Yamamoto who received a revelation of God at Findhorn in England and is currently traveling around Europe as a way to follow Christ. He gave me straight a critical point for my works at very first conversation, I felt deep emotion and intrigued to ask if I could make the symbol of Gabriel who dialogues with him.

He says “I can do it, but first, let’s create a symbol of the universe” Exactly! This is something I was looking for and I was very excited, I just transported a table and two chairs to my new studio and we were ready for the work.

”The universe wants to create, change and evolve together with humans who are genes of the universe in order to go up to the next dimension.”

Through Mr. Daisuke, I draw the symbols of Gabriel and the universe, spreading out notes throw the interview, it was like a distinguish birds voices from noise, but indeed Gabriel, the image clearly emerges. For myself who was thinking too hard, it is surprised to be a simple form, at the same time I felt like I picked up what I already knew from a long time and gave a name.

After he left, I started to finalize the design, I wanted to understand function, or nature in details, therefore I decided to make it as big as possible. The first design sketch was made on a large white wall at my studio, use whole my body, both left and right hands, size of the shoulder width defining the details, my movement is transforming into it. I looked back, further sketched from the completed drawing on the wall and made the first edition and continued to make few more process during the workspace not only to understand the technique but also to continue to dialog with the lines.

In the dialogue with Mr. Daisuke Yamamoto, there was an interesting feedback about the work of drawing symbols of a person which also effect to make personal alignment, In the same way, alignment the tires of the car, it essential and transmit energy correctly and indeed, I always see the beauty of individual being by discovering it.

I have invited to the exhibition “analog pattern” at Grafische Werkplaats, printing workplace in Den Haag, invited nine artists to make a work and it started from 25th May until 16th June where you can see the symbol what printed in textile together with stamped textiles, the symbol is printed to another textile in order to make Noren which invented in Japan that functions as a sign and space divider, traditional Japanese use this fabric as well as the Europian use flag, it a textile wall there for it possible to go throw and I found the beauty in creating a boundary in between.

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