Hello, Welcome to website of Masaaki Oyamada.
I am a japanese origine visual artist and designer based in little village Scheveningen in The Hague, The Netherlands, my graphic design interest goes to understand the principal of incorporating craftsmanship and contemporary conversation, I explore physical and nonphysical form in my art work and I am an autodidact therefor no education cv to be found.
I am available to give creative input for companies and agencies, for all creative matters.

Masaaki Oyamada
Nationality: Japanese

Professional Experience
2018 – Current, Founder Masaaki Oyamada, The Hague, NL
2017 – 2018 Founder, Most collective, Den haag, NL
2010 – 2016 Senior Designer, Mountain Design, Den haag, NL
2008 – 2009 Freelance Designer, Stockholm, SE
2005 – 2008 Designer, vbat, Amsterdam, NL
2003 – 2005 Freelance Designer, Tokyo, JP
2002 – 2003 Assistant, Photo studio Foph Ugp, Tokyo, JP

Exhibitions/ Projects
2017 I. Symbol - Hajime Gallery, Kumamoto, JP (solo)
2016 Grafiek binnenste buiten - HKK, Den haag, NL (grope)
2016 Design office - Hajime Gallery, Kumamoto, JP (solo)
2015 Nice to Stamp you - Hajime Gallery, Kumamoto, JP (solo)
2015 Afterwords, Mitsume, Tokyo, JP (group)
2015 Nice to Stamp you - Macocorochaya, Kumamoto, JP (solo)
2014 Excellent Post, CBK Amsterdam, NL (project)
2014 Your Engagement Has Consequences, Billytown, Den Haag, NL (group)
2012 - 2014  Send a Card to People You Love (Pop-up) Locations: Pop up paper, Showup, TICA, Bijenkorf, Modefabriek, Breda Barst, Options!, This that tell (a group exhibition), Elle Inside design.
2014 Hope Step Post, Camera Japan, Rotterdam, NL (project)
2014 Hope Step Post, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL (project)
2013 Daisy, Nutshuis, Den Haag, NL (group)
2012 Sukebenigen, Nutshuis, Den Haag, NL (Performance)
2012 Nice to Stamp You, Café Mien, Den Haag, NL (solo)
2011 Stamp Exposition, Lokaal Espresso, Rotterdam, NL (solo)

Studio at See lab