Balancing a native transparency and international timeless simplicity.

Being in the professional world of graphic design for 20 years, he created for some of the biggest firms and smaller companies around. Through out his career he always managed to stay true and humble to his own path of development, which clearly has to do with his cultural background being born and raised in Japan. 

For Mr. Oyamada, each project or assignment is a challenging quest for the essence of the person behind the project to somehow appear in the graphic, for it to make sense. Each project is important and personal to him and he values the contentment of every client he works with.

Although most of his professional life was spent in The Netherlands, which he now calls home, his work is strongly influenced by balancing a native transparency and international timeless simplicity. He attempts to keep on developing this authentic style, while keenly following and incorporating artistic designs from symbolism and graphics from the West.

Due to Mr. Oyamada his fascination for the stamp making craftsmanship, his work developed an illustrative feel. This just being one of the many forms from his field of expertise amongst; package design, print techniques, photography, creative directing, these are some of his specialties to name a few.

Masaaki Oyamada


The team of Mr. Oyamada will happily answer questions about the essentializing of your graphic; 

the interview sessions, the stamp making workshops, your package designs and all other graphic, artwork and workshop-related information.


Professional Experience

2018 – Current, Art Director/ Visual Artist, Masaaki Oyamada, Den haag, NL
2017 – 2018 Founder, Most collective, Den haag, NL
2010 – 2016 Senior Designer, Mountain Design, Den haag, NL
2008 – 2009 Freelance Designer, Stockholm, SE
2005 – 2008 Designer, vbat, Amsterdam, NL
2003 – 2005 Freelance Designer, Tokyo, JP
2002 – 2003 Assistant, Photo studio Foph Ugp, Tokyo, JP

Exhibitions/ Projects

2018 Grafiekmanifestatie | Gaa drukt door in Alkmaar, NL (grope)
2018 Analog Patronen | Grafische Werkplaats / Designkwartier – Den haag, NL (grope)
2018 Saudade | An Intersection of Archives and Art – Twelve Twelve gallery – Den haag, NL (grope)
2017 I. Symbol | Hajime Gallery, Kumamoto, JP (solo)
2016 Grafiek binnenste buiten | HKK, Den haag, NL (grope)
2016 Design office | Hajime Gallery, Kumamoto, JP (solo)
2015 Nice to Stamp you | Hajime Gallery, Kumamoto, JP (solo)
2015 Afterwords | Mitsume, Tokyo, JP (group)
2015 Nice to Stamp you | Macocorochaya, Kumamoto, JP (solo)
2014 Excellent Post | CBK Amsterdam, NL (project)
2014 Your Engagement Has Consequences | Billytown, Den Haag, NL (group)
2012 – 2014 Send a Card to People You Love | Pop up paper, Showup, TICA, Bijenkorf, Modefabriek, Breda Barst, Options!, This that tell, Elle Inside design. (Pop-up)
2014 Hope Step Post | Camera Japan, Rotterdam, NL (project)
2014 Hope Step Post | Mediamatic, Amsterdam, NL (project)
2013 Daisy | Nutshuis, Den Haag, NL (group)
2012 Sukebenigen | Nutshuis, Den Haag, NL (Performance)
2012 Nice to Stamp You | Café Mien, Den Haag, NL (solo)
2011 Stamp Exposition | Lokaal Espresso, Rotterdam, NL (solo)

Studio at See lab.