Art of meeting

The project “Nice to stamp you” began with the words of a person who visited my studio. She said: “Each person possesses a unique quality or ‘essence’. If people can express their essences well, they can function better (in the society) and the whole environment would also benefit from it.” As her words started to sink in, an idea rose to my mind: Maybe my stamp making process also helps people better express themselves…

The project was launched in 2011 with the aim to help people express who they really are with their custom-made stamps. I hope my stamp making sessions are helping people to better understand each other’s qualities.

The stamp is designed based on the stories you told me during the interview session. It means that the resulting stamp design will show your state of mind at the time of the interview.

During the interview, which takes about an hour, you will be looking inside your own heart for things you cherish. I take the images that arose from your stories and express them in one symbol which will be the base for your stamp design. The interview session is thus an important process to extract your essence.

Starting a new life with a partner, welcoming a new family member, taking an adventurous step on a different career path… The stamp is a suitable item for every milestone in your life.


「人間はそれぞれ独自の性質、または『エッセンス』を持っています。もし人間ひとりひとりが自分のエッセンスを上手に表現できれば、より充実した生き方ができるようになり、それによって周りも多くの恩恵を得るでしょう。」スタンプのオーダーメイドを依頼してくださった方が語ったこの言葉がひとつのきっかけとなり、私は2011年、プロジェクト「nice to stamp you」を立ち上げました。

私を通して行うスタンプ作りのプロセスによって、スタンプの持ち主が外の世界に対して自己をより上手に表現できるようになるのではないかと感じたからです。 スタンプメイキング・セッション、そしてスタンプとして彫り出された方々の魂のかたちが、より充実したコミュニケーションの架け橋となることを願っています。





Attempt to visualize a human essence from an interview, the outcome was made into a stamp to take away, another intention was to get recognized by people in the local city.

It started a cafe in Den haag as a form of small exhibition, the process continued for 3 years after the exhibition, interviewed over 200 people with many nationalities and had an exhibition in Japan in Tokyo and Kumamoto.



Created a documentation in book with 111 images/ portrait with collaboration with a book designer Inka Výbohová, one book belong to the artist and another book is archived of the Slovak Design Center, it’s in the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava.

ブックデザイナーInka Výbohováとのコラボレーションによって、111名分のイメージをまとめた本を制作、この本は二冊制作され、一冊はアーティストの元に、もう一冊はスロバキアのデザインセンターに保管されている。