The Philosophy

The world is going through a fundamental change in how stories are told across mass media. Having true contentment to take it up against short lived satisfaction. 
Therefor Mr. Oyamada consciously applies the philosophy; every graphic has to make sense. 
It does not only have to make sense to it’s time, it’s audience and the world we live in; it has to make sense to the sender and the messenger for the chain being dependent on the strength of all its links.
Posing the right questions in the right moment, looking for the right tone of voice. This naturally resulting into the increase of awareness. Allowing growth to fundamentally manifest and our efforts to show up in the graphics. Visualized through essentialization
According to this philosophy Mr.Oyamada is convinced: added value will automatically be created throughout the entire process. Accomplishing it’s truthfulness with great contentment. Followed by the touching of the receivers noticeability.