The Philosophy

There are now fundamental changes in how stories are told. Contentment is now at the heart of modern narratives – as opposed to the previous focus on quick and instantaneous satisfaction. 

To make such contentment visible and give it a tangible feel via images and design requires thought and contemplation and takes care and responsibility for clearly understanding the message – from both the developer and the graphic designer. 

Mr. Oyamada consciously applies the philosophy that every graphic has to make sense. It does not only have to make sense now, and to the current audience, and in the present global environment; it also must make sense to the sender and the messenger in order to draw on the strength and intentions of both and to create an image that lasts.

This philosophy requires asking many questions at various stages of development in an open and uncritical manner. These questions and their responses should result in an awareness by both the developer and the graphic designer of what is to be communicated and how best to do so.

Mr.Oyamada is dedicated to this philosophy and believes that powerful images are created in the process.